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Security Systems for Home

Whether monitored or stand alone our home CCTV systems give outstanding quality and integration as well as peace of mind!

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Security Systems for Business

All businesses can benefit from our CCTV systems but our expertise lies in in monitoring construction sites

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CCTV Remote Monitoring

Let our CCTV remote monitoring center take care of your premises after you leave for the day, letting you relax and not worry about intruders.

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Business CCTV Systems

AHD, IP or Analog?

As a business be aware your CCTV system can be used for more than security. You have the option for using it as:

The system we install is a fully fledged 24 hour recording unit - no low resolution 10 second movie clips!
All our cameras are hard wired - this does mean a longer installation time, which is done free of charge for contracts over 3 months, but also means that it is impossible to jam the signals meaning you have constant recording of intruders.

We are an approved TeleEye monitoring station